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About Us

Welcome to BHES! Our school community is proud of our Four Star School designation by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE). With nearly 800 Pre-K to 4th Grade students enrolled, our BHES staff is very passionate about education and is dedicated to meeting the needs of our students. Through the hard work of our students and staff, BHES has regularly been named an "A" or "B" school by the IDOE. Our growing school corporation recently completed a ten million dollar construction project to upgrade and expand our facilities to meet the needs of our increasing enrollment. Please contact our school office for more information about our school or to schedule a visit to find out first-hand why our school motto is "A place where we work hard, do our best, be good to each other, and be safe."

Teacher Spotlight: PE Teacher Mr. Helfrich

Bluffton-Harrison Elementary School

Schlaura Linderwell

Alyssa Moser
Assistant Principal